About Us

Brownie the Yorkie wrapped in a towel in the tub

Our Approach

Our mission is to provide education that is based on the latest research and techniques available today. Therapeutics can be lucrative and affordable for the groomer and life changing for the owner and pet friend.

Our Story

I began my journey on the road to be a veterinarian. I was accepted at Purdue University veterinary program and began my pre-vet studies. While you are in school, the college likes to see that you are actively working with animals so I got a job with the Indianapolis Zoo. I worked in the plains section with Giraffes, Elephants, Wallabies and herd animals. Then I had a short job in a research facility where I worked with rats. I soon found out that I didn't have the heart to do the things I needed to learn how to be a vet. I couldn't bring myself to poke or cut a living creature. I had some friends that were really into grooming and decided to learn all I could about the profession. I read all 98 titles on grooming in the public library in one weekend and began my grooming career taking in strays, grooming them and finding them homes. I still had quite an interest in the medical side of things so I started studying anything about skin issues that I could get my hands on. This passion has snowballed over the years and today I am a Pet Aesthetician and certified groomer through 2 national organizations as well as an educator and speaker in my field.

Meet the Team

Great things can start with a small idea!


Malissa Diener


I'm an all natural Pet Groomer, Human and Canine master massage therapist, Certified Aromatherapist, Ayervedic practioner, lover of all things fun and funky. I'm a Photographer, A Traveler, a learner, a teacher, a lioness, a diva, a forever fat girl, A total fashionista. I'm always searching for new and old ways, new and old things, vintage, clearance, Designer, Distressed, junky jewels and ways to make memories even out of bad days. I love changing my hair color,  having my nails done, Any kind of Bling,cats, dogs, Rescuing homeless pets, restoring old furniture,decorating, gardening,  I love the wonder and honesty  of small children, being a grandmother, a mother, A Wife,an Auntie, A Sister, and Daughter. I enjoy not being the norm, rainy days, beach days, old movies ,new movies, being a girl, being the Queen Bee, transforming pets one grooming visit at a time, being silly and always just being me!

Michelle with dog

Michelle Knowles

Founder & CEO

Michelle Knowles, CPAe, CPG, owner of All Things Paw, has over 30 years of experience as a private and professional pet care provider. Michelle is a Master Groomer and a Certified Pet Medical Aesthetician,has apprenticed, volunteered, worked, owned and managed in salons, kennels, zoos, and veterinary hospitals across the country. Michelle has also been trained in Tuscany, Italy in therapeutic work, hand stripping and advanced dermatological care. She has an ISB certification in skin and coat care, extensive experience with fear and trauma recovery, elderly pets, and a focus on managing allergic/dermatological disorders. Michelle is certified through NDGAA and IPG, has a regular column in Groomer-To- Groomer magazine and is a nationally recognized speaker in her field.

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