Welcome to the new Pet Aesthetician and Master Pet Aesthetician courses!

All Things Paw has teamed with The Whole Pet Academy to bring you state certified classes in cosmetolgoy and advanced pet aesthetician classes that award the student an actual diploma.

This course will cover the foundation of cosmetology, basic anatomy, ingredient recognition and product usage and therapeutics. There will be a comment section on every lecture, downloadable PDFs, quizzes in every section and a live Q & A every two weeks. Please go at your own pace but keep in mind, you will not be able to advance without watching all of the lectures and completing the quizzes for each section. There will be a la carte lectures as well as the course offering that comes with different options for payment. Topics include:

  • Salon readiness
  • Product usage
  • Ingredient recognition
  • Basic skin care
  • Therapeutics
  • Forming a portfolio
  • Ethics
  • Sanitation
  • Basic anatomy
  • Vocabulary
  • The use of clays
  • Behavior and animal handling
  • Holistic methods
  • How to make shampoo and conditioner
  • The mechanics of a proper bath
  • Zoonotics
  • Red Zone grooming
  • And much more!

With this knowledge, you will be able to assess each skin and coat, look for products that contain the ingredients you need to individually tailor your regimen, know how to start your portfolio, and have a solid foundation for the understanding of handling procedures, sanitation, and recognize common issues that may arise in your grooming practice. True therapeutic work is the missing link between grooming and veterinary care. You will have the knowledge to form veterinary partnerships and read veterinary health records for key insights into how to improve the skin and coat of the pet you are working with. Welcome to the future of grooming!

To access the State certified course, with a Diploma, please click the link below to access The Whole Pet Academy Website and use the Canine Cosmetology link:

The Whole Pet Academy Enroll Here