Seminar Materials 2021


Optimizing Skin and Coat Condition in the Dog

Vet Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology Abbreviations

ATP Client booklet


Standing beside the client instead of facing them makes you part of the dogs team.

Using the leash in a manner that allows you to pick up the dog without getting bitten. Notice that I take just enough time for the dog to understand what I am doing.

Observe the anxiety of this dog in the tub, licking lips, side eye, following my movements.

On the table, I try to stay in contact with the pet as much as possible. I normally don’t talk to them unless it is a quiet murmur to reinforce my energy. I work from behind the dog to keep confrontation at a minimum.

This is the 3rd time I have worked with this animal. He was nearly untouchable but has now formed a tentative friendship with me.

The five steps by Heather Beck at K9 Lifeline

Link to Norma – Neurological issues